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Application of EASTM's main products

Calcium silicate insulation:

Non-asbestos calcium silicate heat-insulating products are nonpoisonous, tasteless, nondusty, and have the adcantages of light specific gravity, high strength, small thermal conducttivity and convenience in laying. So that , they are largery used in power, chemical, oil, gas, ship, steel and textile industries for the thermal insulatin of heating power pipe and installations.Calcium silicate can be made into calcium silicate board(slab), arc board, block, preformed pipe section, skin, calcium silicate powder, insulation cement, ect. Base materials of our calcium silicate insulation: Non-combustible, inorganic, hydrous calcium silicate (asbestos free) with non-asbestos fiberous reinforcement, composite silicate skin........ Comply with ASTM C 533, Type I.

Mineral wool insulation:

Mineral wool insulation products are manufactured with basalt as main ingredient, made into inorganic fiber in high speed centrifugal machine after melting .A certain amount of cementing agent, rustproof oil, silicon oil is addedinto the raw material which is made into mineral fiber board, slab, panel, blanket, pipe etc. It service all hot thermal insulation.Our product not harmful to health and environment.Our Mineral Wool products are asbestos free. No chlorofluorocarbon(CFCs) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbon(HCFCs) be used in the production of our mineral fiber insulation. They are widely used for construction walls, roofs, industrial furnaces, ovens, heat-treating, equipment, storage tanks,storage grooves, power houses, flues, petrifaction and oil refining equipment and all kinds of keeping-warm and heat insulation pipelines and all hot service......

Ceramic fiber insulation:

Ceramic fiber producets. The advanced CWCN equipment and double side needling blanket production line are used in the production of these products. Both the equipment and technique are of leading level. Kaowool raw materials are used in the production of ceramic fiber blankets, and the fiber formed is made into the product through sedimentation, thermal setting, lengthwise and crosswise cutting and rolling. The product is homogenous with smooth and even surface and high tensile strength . As the ceramic fiber blanket does not contain any cementing agent,its resistance to heat is reatly enhanced.It is widely used for Thermal insulation in electric power boiler, steam turbine and nuclear power station. Wall lining of chemical industrial high temperature reactor and heating equipment.Wall lining of high temperature piping, irregular piping and industrial furnace. Thermal insulation for eliminating stress in welding.

Perlite insulation

Pertile is an acidic volcanic glass with pearl structure. After heating, it can expand to 12-15times, It possesses the characteristics of very light, thermal insulation,sound insulation, strong ab-sorption etc--- It is used in such industries as new build-ing materials, petroleum chemistry, metallurgy, casting, agriculture, food filter, and environment protection......

Glass fiber fabric:

Glass fiber fabric are made from the medium-alkali free glass fibre through special precess. Glass fiber fabric can be continous use at temperature of up to 550C,being able to endure up to 650C.If exposure is short,they are fire proof,resistant to steam and most chemical agents and have excellent tensile strength. Various yarns,fabrics,bands,braided rectangular and circular,and sleeves available. Non-flamable, anticorrosion, high strength, good electrical insulation, all thiese are the specific characteristics of glass fiber, thus becomes the most necessary base materials to be used in the fields of electrical, chemical, aerospace, shipbulding, autombile, constructional decoration and the hi-tech industries as well. Glass Fiber Cloth is used as heat insulating materials and an excellent substitute for ASBESTOS CLOTH. Glass fibre cloth can with METALLIC (copper wire,inconel wire or stainless wire). It can with rubber coated.

Glasswool insulation:

Glasswool insulation has very good elasticity,compressive strength and tensil strength. It is mainly used as lining of inner & outer walls of cold storage room, warehouse, aircondictioner, ventilating ducts; and it is also applicable to sound, heat insulating and fire prevention of TV station, broadcasting station, etc. Widely used  in heat & sound insulation of office  building, hotel, public place of entertainment,inner wall, ceiling and roof, airconditioner room and cold storage room.

Foam glass (Cellular glass) insulation:

Foam glass (Cellular glass): Cellular glass takes glass dust as the basic material. Adds foaming agent and roasts into being through tunnel kiln. It is the best low-temperature heat-insulation material at present in the world markets. It is noted for its low unit weight, minor thermal conductivity, anti-moisture absorption, anti-mouldy, high mechanical strength, easy processing, resisting acid corrosion(except HF), nonpoisonous, stable chemical function, able to be used in a wide scope from extreme low to high temperature. Its excellent heat-insulation property can be last for many years without any degenerating. More important is that celluar glass itself is fireproof and shockproof. When it is used under such bad situations as extreme coldness, under-earth, open, easily fired, easily be damp and having chemical corrodent. It is not only safe but durable. It is be called "permanent heat-insulation material that not need be replaced" So it is widely used in oil chemistry, cold storehouse, LNG Storage Tank, under-earth project, ship-building, national defence and military project etc.

Rubberflex(Armaflex) insulation:

Rubberflex foam insulation pipe is soft, easy to install and uneasy to be ageing. It is same as Armaflex. It is mainly applicable to heat insulation of central airconditioner system, refrigerator room and pipes of all kinds of refriageration equipment and heating equipment. It can also used to make knob cover of gymastic facilities,medical equipment,etc.Rubberflex foam insulation board is no moisture absorption,antierosion and extremely tough. It is mainly applicable to central airconditioner system, building, ship, automobile,etc. Because of its softness and toughness, it can be used in heat insulating and fireproof of parts with irregular shape, such as valve,elbow,tee joint,etc.

PU insulation:

Polyurethane foam insulation is an ideal kind of organic low temperature heat insulation material. Its thermal conductivity is very little, with light weight and shockproof. It can be made into prefabrications and also can be made cast-in-place. It can be used in oil refining, chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, cold storage, etc. Our materials meet ASTM C591. We can supply Polyurethane foam board, pipe section, or them with kraft aluminium multilayer complex, or with others.

PIR insulation:

PIR Polyisocyanurate is a kind of foaming material made from the reaction of polyether and isocyanate after catalysis reaction.It excels common polyaminoester foaming material in physical behavior and flame resistance.It is an ideal organic low temperature heat insulation material.Its thermal conductivity is very low ,with light weight and shockproofing .It can be made into prefabrications in-site freely according to a client.It is widely used in oil refining ,chemical industry, ethylene production and storage,chemical fertilizer, cold storage and construction industry ,etc. It can be in pipe and slab. Our insulation materials are asbestos free. No chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs) or Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFCs) be used in the production of our insulation. It can be covered aluminium foil, glass fibe cloth or others. It meet ASTM C 591 Type II. It can be made to be pipe section, board or others.

PEF insulation:

PE Foam Insulation Board, (Slab), Sheet, Tape or Pipe or with reinforced aluminium foil vapour barrier is energy saving, no moisture absorption,unventilative, uneasy to be broken and are uneasy to be aged. It is applicable to insulation and sound absorption of carriage,ship, automobile top and building walls. It can also be used in making sports products like cushion,surfboard.PE insulation pipe is soft,durable,easy to install and sealing, which has good performance of moistureproof and fireproof. It is mainly applicable to heat insulation and sound absorption of central airconditioner, cold storage room,refrigeration room,cold storage truck and refrgeration system of food industry.

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